The organization-production school of the Russian agrarian economists (1910s–1920s) presents a peak in the Russian and world scientific thought in the 20th century. The leader of the school A.V. Chayanov and his closest colleagues A.N. Chelintsev, N.P. Makarov, B.D. Brutskus, A.A. Rybnikov, A.N. Minin and G.A. Studensky made a great contribution to the economic theory and applied agrarian sciences of their time and laid the foundation for the successful development of interdisciplinary areas of theoretical sociology and anthropology both in Russia and abroad. Collecting, studying and popularizing the scientific heritage of Chayanov and his school is an important task, and its solution would contribute to keeping the best traditions of the Russian science and culture, to teaching students and young specialists, to developing new analytical models of the rural development in continuity with the historical ideas of the organization-production school.

The Chayanov Research Center aims at collecting data on the life and activities of the scientists from the Chayanov school, updating the bibliography of their works and works about them (in different languages), digitizing documents and creating an electronic archive available on the Center’s website; giving open lectures and holding seminars and round tables for students and specialists at universities in Moscow and other cities of Russia so that to keep and develop the intellectual heritage of the organization-production school; conducting field research (interviews, participant observations, methods of visual sociology, comparative case studies) in the Russian regions based on the scientific approaches of the Chayanov school so that to provide recommendations for the sustainable development of the Russian rural regions.
Alexander Nikulin is the Head of the Center.